Friday, February 26, 2010

Tilapia with lemon, potatoes and vegetables $4.79

Back by popular demand- Lemon used in cooking. A few weeks back, I made a chicken dish with lemon, and my family loved it, esp my neice Amanda. I promised another lemon dish, and a whitefish seemed like the perfect combo with lemon, not to mention my lack of more then 30 minutes to cook tonight. I managed to pull it off, with the help of a quick cooking entre-fish, left over mashed potatoes from a few nights ago(sorry, no time to make sweet potato fries)
and frozen vegetbles that require no cleaning or chopping, just a quick steam.

4 pieces Tilapia or whitefish $2.80
1/4 cup olive oil .20
1/4 cup white wine .20
2 medium lemons .35
salt and pepper
dried parsley(optional) .05
salt and pepper Tilapia(desired amount)
place in baking dish
coat evenly with olive oil, white wine, and juice of one lemon squeezed evenly
on all four filets

bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes
sprinkle with dried parsley
top fish with sliced lemon
1 lb fresh or frozen veggies .99
1/4 olive oil .20
salt or pepper
garlic salt optional
Total $ 4.79

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