All about Barbara and Kim

Kim and Barbara are just two thrifty moms with different lives, but nonetheless, a similar goal- to save money!  Together, they  have helped eachother find ways to be thrifty in life, which they believe is smart, fun and certainly rewarding.   Kim is married with 3 kids under the age of 10, Barbara is divorced and the mother of an 11 year old son. They started this blog/website with the express purpose to help themselves, eachother, and others be thrifty and ultimately save money.  They live 20 miles apart, but talk religiously every morning and realized one day that much of their conversation stemmed around or reverted back to saving money.
Kim and her husband Joe are big coupon and bargain shoppers. They have had days where a store is practically giving them money back, and they are walking out with tons and tons of items. Barbara,just plain old lives cheap. She is a single mom living on a fixed imcome and has found ways to stretch a dollar whether it is with food, beauty, or entertainment. Together, they have found a way to live Thrifty, but live well. Hopefully, they will inspire others to eat well, shop smart, keep themselves and their family healthy and do it while being Thrifty. After all, they believe Thrifty is HOT!!