Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shopping List for Feb 28-Mar 6. Aldi again!

Here's What to Buy... cross off what you don't need!

Happy Shopping!
Aisle One

Minced garlic (2-4 cloves) .69
Balsamic Vinegar (2 Tbsp) $2.49
Peanuts (optional - recipe calls for one ounce) .39
Natural Peanut Butter (1/4 cup) $1.69
Soy Sauce (2 Tbsp) $2.49

1% milk (5 cups) $1.99
8 oz Cheddar Cheese shredded $2.29
Butter $1.99
Blue cheese $1.99
Yogurt (1-6 oz cup) $1.59(I bought large one)
6 Eggs .50

2 jars Marinara (Splurge on one if you can) $1.98
Rice (long grain, brown, or instant, your choice) $1.49
2 cans Tuna .98
Linguine .99

Bagged Lettuce Salad $1.99
Romaine or mixed greens $1.99
Carrots $1.19
Onions (at least 2).99
1 bag multi-colored peppers (you’ll need 2)$2.39
Cucumber .49
Snow Pea Pods$3.49
Baking potatoes$2.59

Steak (your choice here – spend what you can)$10.99
Bacon (turkey if you want) $1.99

Chopped Broccoli .99
Ravioli $2.29
Frozen veggie of choice$1.19
Prepackaged Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Veggies$2.99
1 lb chicken meat (for stir fry) $2.07
Mixed Fruit $2.89
Shrimp (12 oz, pre-cooked)$3.49

Crusty bread $2.29
White bread .89

Total: $71.01

You know what to do - but this week we've thrown in a challenge of buying good steaks. See, for me, there's nothing harder! I don't know what to buy, and since Barbara seldom ever eats beef, she's even less help. I do know that you usually can't go wrong with a Filet Mignon, but those are frequently expensive! You can also do well with a New York Strip, but beyond that, perhaps we can get some comments from our readers about their favorite kind of steaks...??? Please!

As my husband finds bargains this week for the steak, I'll post them right away! It's a great chance to save some cash or make some "deals" with store coupons or "catalinas".

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  1. A couple comments to make on this list - well, the prices. You all know we swear by Aldi as the day in and day out, hands down, least expensive option for feeding your family! And it is. Now, I bought the cheap steaks, and the outcome has yet to be determined on that move.

    Jewel had a 3 day sale on big bags of pre-mix salad for 99 cents ... limit two. Now, if you shop Jewel often there was a flyer handed out a few weeks back ... it had $1.00 coupons on that same salad. We had two of those coupons, so we bought two bags of salad with two coupons and made 2 cents.

    Barbara's rocking idea on buying the "tube" of peanuts for $.39 is just stellar! That's cash saving AND calorie saving because, really, once the jar of peanuts is opened it's like a mission to see of fast I can find the bottom ... and my family doesn't like open missions on the table!

    All in I spent $35.67 or so on my week's worth of grocery. Not bad - but I do need olive oil next week!