Why Aldi

When Kim and I embarked on this challenge neither of us were concerned about the budget of 7 dinners for $70 dollars.  In fact, we were pretty confident we could come in under $70 every week, and we knew where we would be doing our shopping.  In fact, we knew where we HAD to do our shopping, because it would have been impossible at most stores to stay within budget.  ALDI to the rescue.  Ever since I got divorced and was living paycheck to paycheck, over 5 years ago, I became an Aldi groupee.  The price, the quality, the ease of shopping in approximately 6 aisles, and pretty much no choice in any category ever needing to be made, are all reasons that Kim and I became fans. It will be challenging to come up with 365 meals, but with my partner in crime Kim, we are up for the challenge.