Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 28-March 6 MENU

Still no repeats ... can you believe how fun and refreshing this is!

Sunday - Cream of Broccolli soup with crusty bread & lettuce salad
Monday - Ravioli night w/ mystery Marinara
Tuesday - Thai Shrimp Salad (welcome back TBL)
Wednesday - STEAK NIGHT (for you, Robert!)
Thursday - Sweet & Sour Chicken Stirfry
Friday - Tuna & Pasta salad
Saturday - French Toast, Bacon & Fruit Smoothie

So, a little personal reflection on last week by Kim...
I've been sick this past week - came in late Monday night, and it's still sitting in my chest and behind my eyeballs... it's not good.  So, every single part of my day is stressing me out except... what to make for dinner!  Monday night was the debacle with the cauliflower...I couldn't find the strenght to smash my cauliflower, so the picture is Barbara's source of laughter whenever she's having a bad moment, Tuesday was left over Beef & Barley soup for us - though I did make Tuesday's dinner for lunch on Wednesday.  Wednesday was suppose to be the Cacciatore, which I made on Thursday while Wednesday featured chili which I had the strength to warm up from it's previously frozen state and photograph (I love that chili!!!).  Last night fish just wasn't gonna happen for a miriad of personal reasons not the least of which was a small gift to my husband of not eating fish twice in one day - he had it for lunch - so we ordered Pizza Hut (a nice way to limit myself to two pieces of pizza - we only ordered 1/2 of one pizza without meat!).  Luckily it was a $10 for any 'za special and the younger two shared a $5 pizza mia. 

ANYWAY, the reason for this rant on the menu page is to tell you that despite feeling the worst I've felt in at least a year, I didn't stress about dinner ... it was ALL UNDER CONTROL!  I knew what I was to make, I knew I had the ingredients, and all I had to do was spend the 30 or so minutes per day to do it!  SO NICE to not stress about what to eat!  JUST DO IT FRIENDS, MAKE YOUR MENU, SHOP ONCE A WEEK, ENJOY AND RELAX.
thanks for encouraging me!

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