Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stuffed Red Pepper with White Beans, brocolli and Chicken $5.52

I found this recipe on one of my favorite Blogs - Ginas Skinny Weight Watchers Blog. I love this blog because the recipes are great and she focuses on healthy and not so high caloric meals as wekk as detailing all the WW points, so anyone counting points has the work done for them. I already stuffed peppers a few weeks back and liked it so much, I am going for it again! This time around I am incorporating some protein coming from chicken, and vitamin C and K coming from brocolli, and lots of fiber coming from white beans,. So for the vegetarians out there, the chicken can be ommited, and there is still plenty of protein to be had>
2 red peppers or green will due as well$2.99 (I used red peppers, which are usually more $)
1 medium onion diced .40
3 cloves garlic minced .20
3 tablespoons olive oil .30
1 tbsp fresh rosemary or dry
1 cup frozen brocoli florets fresh or frozen(frozen thawed).40
1 can 15 oz of white beans drained .69
2 chicken breasts cooked and shredded(bake in oven for 15 minutes at 350 $2.13
salt and pepper .10
1 cup cheddar cheese$1.30
in saute pan heat oil and saute onion for 5 minutes on low, add garlic, saute until onions are glassy
add chicken, rosemary, brocoli and beans saute for 5 minutes, add salt and pepper to taste
remove from heat
slice peppers in half length wise, and remove all seeds
Place all eight half peppers in a baking dish, fill them with the chicken and bean filling
pour 1/2 cup chicken broth or water in bottom of baking dish
cover whole pan tightly with aluminum foil
bake at 350 for 30 minutes
remove foil, top with cheese, bake another 5 minutes until cheese is melted

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