Saturday, March 6, 2010

TIME TO SHOP! 3/7-3/13 $56.29(awesome Aldi!)

Aisle One Staples

Salsa (can be fresh)$1.99
Ripe olives $1.19
Dijon mustard $1.19
Honey $2.29
Bay leaf .50

2 cup cheddar cheese $2.29
1 cup Sour cream .89
Blue Cheese $1.99
4 Slices Cheddar or American cheese $1.29
8-12 Eggs .89

Tortillas (12 corn or white)$1.19
Whole wheat pasta.99
1 can kidney beans .59
1 can white beans (or dried if you will soak and cook them in advance).59
1 can diced or whole tomatoes .59
2 cans tuna .96
1 can black beans.59

Green Onion (white will substitute).39
Cilantro $1.29
Fresh Salsa (if substituting for canned)$1.99
Cherry or grape tomatoes$1.99
Fresh garlic (if you have a mincer – otherwise, minced).89
Sweet Potatoes $2.49
Celery $1.29
Carrots $1.19
White onion $1.29
Avocado (3)$2.37
Romaine hearts (or salad mix w/ purple cabbage)$1.99

Bacon (can be turkey bacon)$1.99

Chicken 3 lb bag$6.29
Individually Frozen Salmon Fillets $3.99
1 bag frozen veggie of choice (or fresh)$1.19

1 can chicken broth .59
Hamburger buns .89

Not from Aldi
1-28 oz or 3-10 oz cans Green Enchilada Sauce $1.59
1 can chick peas .99
D’Italini pasta (look like little hollow pencil erasers)$1.59
Cilantro (unless Aldi has it this week!)

Total: $56.29

We love Aldi, so we're still setting up the shopping list for their stores... but since the store says it will have up to 90% of your everyday needs, it's appropriate
to expect that from time to time we'll have you shopping somewhere else too... this week you really can't help but buy three of the items somewhere else.  You need garbanzo beans (or chick peas), you need the green enchilada sauce, and the D'Italini pasta REALLY makes the salad and the soup.  You never know - Aldi might surprise us on any of these items, but don't be upon it.

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  1. I am getting pretty good at eyeballing these grocery lists and estimating total cost, and I would lay money that this weeks shopping is coming in under $60.00. The high ticket items are the chicken breast and that is $6.29 for 3 lbs, which we will not be using all 3 lbs, and the salmon which is either $3.99 or $4.99 for 4 or 6 filets. Im off to he market, Ill post sortly my results.