Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday's French Toast, bacon & Fruit Smoothie $5.06

Oh, if I could only have french toast every day ... I love french toast.  French toast with thick texas toast, with white bread, with dense whole grain bread, with homemade bread, with a loaf of french bread or baguettes ... what ever the bread, it matters not to me, I LOVE FRENCH TOAST!  Now, if only the rest of my family felt the same.. they're more like once a month folks - and frankly, since we're trying hard to not repeat our entrees during this project, the family is actually quite pleased that French Toast is being served now...they're naively thinking that just because it's off the dinner menu, it's off their menus entirely - oh well...

French Toast (for four)
4 egg whites .36
2 whole eggs .18
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup skim milk .10
1 tsp vanilla extract .15
1 tsp cinnamon.05
1 tsp sugar (or sugar replacement of choice).05
8 to 12 slices of bread - depending on what kind it iscooking spray .40
1 cup syrup .30
Total: $1.59

combine the eggwhites, eggs, cinnamon, sugar, water and milk.  whisk to combine (cinnamon will float, it's ok!).  heat pan to medium low heat ... remove from heat, spray with cooking spray, and return to stove top.  Dip bread into egg mixture one piece at a time, and put bread into frying pan.  Cook for about 90 seconds to 2 minutes, flip.  Cook another 90 seconds to two minutes.  Remove from pan and place on a piece of paper towel lined platter.  Invert a serving bowl over platter to store heat... repeat the dipping and frying pattern until you're done.  mmm.

Bacon .99
Cook.  -- oh, you were hoping for more...
option one - place bacon in a room temp pan, turn on heat to medium low, and cook until it needs to be flipped - probably about 4 minutes depending on thickness of pan and type of stove and desired doneness of bacon.  Flip, and cook second side - another 3 or so minutes.
option two - microwave.  Place four or six strips of bacon at a time between two layers of good papertowel on a microwave safe plate.  Cook about 3 minutes until the paper towel is saturated with bacon fat.  Bacon will crisp once you remove the paper towel.

(I must admit I NEVER cook bacon in the microwave, but I'm trying to remember how I watched my good friend Cathy make it... I was really impressed by how good her microwaved bacon turned out.)

Fruit Smoothie

In a blender container, combine the following:

1 container (6 oz) yogurt of choice .49
1/2 of a 16 ounce package frozen fruit of choice (mixed fruit is best!)$1.49
1 cup liquid - apple juice, milk, water, white soda,  or some combination there of  (we don't recommend vodka at this time of the morning).50

10-12 ice cubes.
total $2.48
put yogurt in the blender first, then frozen fruit and some of the liquid - cover tightly and turn on blender to whatever medium is on your blender... blend for 20 to 30 seconds, shut it off, remove cover and stir.  Replace blender cover and repeat process until your smoothie is as smooth as you like it.  Serve.

Total $5.06

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