Monday, March 1, 2010

Ravioli With Mystery Tomato Sauce $4.23

I think as this blog developes we are going to keep trying ways to be creative, and one of the ways to be creative is to "hide" food in food. I dont think in general it is right to be deceitful to my child, however, when it comes to his overall health, simply not telling him something is acceptable to me. Hiding ingredients isnt as necessary to Kim as it is for me, her kids actually eat and enjoy some vegetables. My son just doesnt like vegetables, and no matter how hard I try to prepare them ways he will "tolerate" them, he looks at them like they are green eyed monsters.
Tonight I made ravioli, which he loves, and I loaded up the marinara sauce with cooked carrots, and guess what- he wasnt the wiser.
I think the key was to add savory ingredients to the sauce, inorder to combat the sweetness of the half of pound of carrot I added.
I will say, even though I boiled the carrots and mashed them as much I could with the food processor, the sauce still was kinda clumpy. Next time I make it, I am going to make a meat sauce, and then the vegetables will be hidden better in the meat. However, Michael didnt say a word about the sauce, and ate two helpings.(:

Secret Sauce
1 jar prepared Marinara .99
2 minced garlic cloves .20
1/4 cup olive oil .25
4 medium carrots .30
1/2 onion diced .20
1 lb Ravioli $2.29
salt and pepper
Total: $4.23
Boil water in pot and add carrots, boil until soft
drain carrots and place them in food processor or blender, until completely creamy
Heat oil in skillet on low. add onion and cook until limp and glassy.
add garlic suate 10 minutes
add carrot to skillet and salt and pepper
saute all together 5 minutes
Transfer to sauce pot and add bottled marinara
Simmer on low for 45 minutes

boil noodles according to directions and top with sauce
add fresh parm

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