Friday, March 5, 2010

Spaghetti con Tonno(tunafish)

Here is one of those times where a bit of trust between Kim and I is required. Sometimes our taste buds are completely in sync, and sometimes we just "cant see" how something could go together. I grew up eating pasta in a tomato sauce with tuna, especially during lent. Kim, has never once tried this combo and is a bit skeptical, but true to her form, always willing. Heres the recipe, good luck Kim:)

2 cans tuna .96
1 small onion diced .20
2 garlic cloves minced .10
1 16 oz can of tomato sauce .59
1/4c olive oil.20
1 lb pasta.99
Total $ 3.04

heat oil in skillet on low
saute onion and garlic
add tuna when onion is glassy
saute all together 5 minutes
add tomato sauce and simmer together on low for 30 minutes
add salt and pepper
Boil noodles according to instruction
toss noodles and sauce together in pasta bowl
top with parsley(optional)
red pepper optional as well.

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