Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ah, what's for dinner this week? March 7-13 $36.79

Let me fill you in!  Menu planning is delightful... it's changing my life for the better.  I'm so much more calm every evening - dinner just magically gets to the table almost.  And money - savings - YES.  It's so nice to work thru my stash of products and replenish for next to nothing on coupons, catalina deals, and good solid prices at the Aldi.

Anyway, let's see what's in store for this next week.

Sunday - Chicken Enchiladas
Monday - Chick Peas & Pasta
Tuesday - Honey Dijon glazed salmon w/ Sweet Potatoes & Veggie of choice
Wednesday - Minestrone Soup
Thursday - Joe's Chopped Salad
Friday - Tuna Melts (for Robert)
Saturday - "Breakfast" Burritos

This ought to make for a happy husband as I'm doing two "favorites", and he'll probably be excited about five of the seven.  Since I don't have any prizes to offer up, I won't encourage you to guess which two he could probably pass on.


  1. Looks like a good week for me! I am looking forward to the chicken enchiladas and the chopped salad. I especially like having leftover enchiladas; I hope you make plenty!

  2. Joe you are soooo nice!! I need a husband like you. I am fairly certain you are skeptical about the chickpea recipe, and possibly you are not a salmon fan?? Either way, you are always there to lend a kind word. BTW, I am looking forward to the salad this week as well, and especially the company I will be enjoying it with(your wife invited me for dinner!) Happy Sunday. Im off to Aldi!!