Monday, March 1, 2010

Grocery Shopping For The Week of Feb 28 $71.01

OK, so I did go over budget by $1.01, which really bummed me out, however, Kim probably didnt go over budget b/c she found steak at Aldi for much cheaper then $10.00. I went to my local Dominicks(aka Safeway) on my mothers advice and purchased 3 Porterhouse steaks for $10.01. The brand is called Ranchers Choice, and Kim is correct in assuming that I know not to much about meat, but I do know ordering a steak in a upscale Steak joint, can cost upwards $30-40, so the $10.00 didnt make me feel so bad, especially the quality of Ranchers Choice, I've been told is very good.
On the topic of the budget, I will say, with the $10.00 included for steaks, I personally spent a whopping $41.00, which included soy sauce and balsamic, which I know I will have leftovers of. I had some ravioli, chicken, onions, potatoes, carrots, bluecheese and peppers left over from the last few weeks. I have to assume everyone in general has some kind of food in fridge or cupboards, whether it is condiments or dry goods, so although the $71.01 wasnt what I wanted to see when I added up the grocery list, I am ok knowing I spent a lot less.
Just think I spent less today, then a meal at a steakhouse!!

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  1. It's all in the yogurt Girlfriend!
    I told you to buy one $.39 container of yogurt ... you tried to economize and feed all the neices and spent $1.59... if you take out that extra $1.20 .... you're now 9 cents under budget! Hey Big Spender!!!!

    Now, you're right, I did try some lesser expensive Filet Mignons from Aldi... I won't know until I try... and I'll let you know. They were $1.79 each for 5 ounce individually packaged Bacon Wrapped Filets. I will take the bacon off before I cook them! This, by the way, is $5.73 per pound of Filet. Goes into the category of won't know until you try.