Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Steak in Balsamic Marinde topped with Carmelized Onion and Blue Cheese $10.88

OK folks, true, I am not a big steak eater or fan, however, many in my family are! a I do love balsamic vinegrette, carmelized onion, and blue cheese,so I know there is no reason on a different date I cant include all those "extras" in a recipe for tuna steak, swordfish, salmon...what else??

Here goes it, litterally my first attempt at making steak
preheat oven 350
4 steaks(whatever kind you can find) I bought T bone $7.19(marked down from $10)
1 medium onion(red, yellow).20
3 oz blue cheese .60
1/2 cup balsamic .25
1/4 soy .05
1 tablespoon minced garlic .05
1/2 cup olive oil .25
1 tablespoon brown sugar .05
4 meduim potatoes $1.25
1 lb frozen vegetble .99
total: $10.88

cut up potatoes in desired chunks, top with s and p and 1/2 cup olive oil
place in oven to bake 40-60 minutes

In a small skillet or sauce pan, combine balsamic, soy and garlic, heat for 10 minutes, stirring so garlic doesnt burn.
salt and pepper steak
place steak in a baking pan and marinate with 3/4 of balsamic mixture for 30-60 minutes
in the meantime
slice onions thinly
heat 1/4 cup olive oil in skillet
add brown sugar and onions, cook on very low, stiring onions often so they dont burn
when onions are soft and glassy remove from heat
place steaks in oven
cook anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on how welldone is the preference
to crisp the steak a bit, put them under broiler for a minute when they are done cooking

place steaks on individual plates
pour remaining marinade over steaks evenly
top with carmelized onion and blue cheese


  1. OK verdict was: marinade accompanied with the carmelized onion and blue cheese awesome!! The steak, just "good". I am not a steak eater, so I am going on the experts opinions- a filet would have been perfect for this meal. I have no idea what filet cost, but I am certain I wouldnt have gotten those for $10.00 per lb. Heres the deal, a filet in any steakhouse will cost upward from $30-40, however, if one continues to have weeks where 7 dinners for thier family cost them less then $50.00, then splurging and going to a upscale grocery store to buy some great meat, would be totally cool, and still remaining in the $70.00 a week dinner budget. If your going to make this awesome gourmet meal, then best to use a great piece of meat!!

  2. We don't like bones in our the kind of steak Barbara had won't work for us. (I wonder if that "we" is really just "me"? I'll have to ask Joe). Anyway, we tried two different types of filet mignons last night - both essentially the same, just SLIGHTLY different price points from different stores. At the last moment yesterday I decided that I should "try" to feed the kids steak - which they normally equate to poison. OH MY GOODNESS, Ellie & Jacob devoured at least one 5 ounce steak - probably more like one and a half. They loved steak. (Jacob traded his potatoes away for more of Jenna's steak!).
    Now, the quality discussion you're waiting for. Well, The Aldi steak was pretty tender, and the bacon flavor from the "bacon wrap" really stayed with the meat. If you like that "bacon flavor", then you probably would have found this steak good, not great. I removed the bacon from the Jewel Angus steaks, which were 2-5 oz steaks for $4.99, just slightly more expensive than the Aldi steaks ($2.50 versus $1.79 for 5 oz steak). The Jewel steaks didn't have the overpowering bacon flavor that I found in the Aldi steak, but it wasn't as tender. NOW, I do know that each steak will be a bit different, and it's a big hit or miss game that we're playing each time we "risk it" with the prepackaged inexpensive steaks.
    Barbara is so right on the great piece of meat comment - if you're really in it to win it, then you gotta splurge even a bit more than the Jewel steak. Oh, and for my money, leave off the bacon.

    (BTW, Jewel had butcher prepared filet mignons available yesterday as well - they were 2 steaks for $7.00 ... not a bad price, and no bacon. I might have enjoyed it a bit more, and look forward to trying again in this steak game!... next time with merlot mushroom sauce!).