Saturday, January 9, 2010

veggie wrap $7.82

See post below titled "fridge cleanup" and we provide recipe and cost etc....

Tonight was veggie wrap night, and unfortunately due to some technical difficulty, I could not upload my pictures, and neither could my niece Julie, so that means that there is something wrong with my computer, b/c she is very computer savvy. I will get pictures up tomorrow with a different computer. This has been my favorite meal thus far. I love roasted vegetables. This wrap consisted of peppers, mushrooms and spinach, and an artichoke pesto spread(which took 2 minutes to make) It was so quick and easy to roast the veggies with olive oil, garic salt and black pepper. Any vegetable can be used, brocolli, eggpant, zuchini etc.....lettuce, tomato, onion, you name it. I like using a pesto or a flavored mayo or mustard, because it adds flavor and also helps to close the wrap.
I would love to say it was a hit with kids, but it wasnt, however I loved it, grandma loved it, and I will love it again tomorrow.
The kids ate paninis they made themselves with our new panini maker from Aldi!


  1. Looks delicious. Tastes great!!

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