Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holy Moly Ravioli!! $4.79

Got up today to a lovely Chicagoland snow storm. Its January 7, and we really haven't had one yet, so we are due!! Perfect day to have a yummy pasta dinner!
This recipe was a very popular entres at an Italian restaurant I worked at years ago. I believe they used butter instead of olive oil, but I like all the health benifits of olive oil, not to mention the flavor.
I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil everyday in my cooking, it adds great flavor to all my food, and is loaded with vitamin E, which aids in the proper clotting of blood, which decreases heart disease. It is also a great antioxident and aids in cellular repair. If a recipe call for butter or margarine, I simply swap it out with EVOO, if you think you would miss the flavor of butter, why not start by going half EVOO and half butter, then atleast your are providing your family with some of the health benifits of olive oil.
The most exciting news about this meal is the cost. I am going to have six people for dinner tonight, so I will be making the whole box of ravioli, which is 1 lb 9 ounces.(plenty!)
The cost of ravioli is $2.29 from Aldi(ofcourse) I have to say, Im a born, raised and fed Italian girl and the ravioli from Aldi is good. Does it beat homemade? no! never! but who's got time to make homemade ravioli?
So at $2.29 for ravioli
$ 1.19 for peas
.80 olive oil
.50 cheese
we are looking at a cost of somewhere around $4.79 for the dinner, or .80 a person.
I may throw in a salad, and the kids are definitely drinking milk to get there protein.
I will not be battling the snow to get to the grocery store to buy dinner fixings today, yeah!!

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  1. mmm... Ellie loves Ravilio al Barbara! Jacob prefers the plain kind, and Jenna only ate the peas :-) such is life, but at least we've learned a great new way to make Ravioli ... other than with yummy Vodka sauce. Thanks Barbara!