Sunday, January 3, 2010

Monday's Salmon w/ roasted potatoes & whole baby green beans $6.35

Pan seared Salmon, Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans

Here is a quick easy dinner packed with vitamins and nutrients. I try to eat Salmon once a week, whether it is for lunch or dinner b/c it is high in omega 3's and very important to our bodies. Another thing, usually buy my salmon frozen because the truth of the matter is, salmon comes in to any store frozen anyway, and then it's thawed to sell, when sold "fresh". I like the convenience of always having a bag in the freezer, and the cost difference is huge!!

4 Salmon filets ($4)

4 medium potatoes, any kind.(.50)

1 lb bag frozen whole baby green beens ($1.49)

1/2 cup olive oil(.50)
1 tbsp dried rosemary(optional)(.10)

Total cost approx $6.50

Season Salmon with salt and pepper(cracked always preferable)

Clean and dice potatoes (large chunks), lightly coat with olive oil (start with 3 Tbsp, add more if needed), then salt, pepper and if desired rosemary.  Place in roasting pan and bake at 300 for 40 minutes (or until golden brown).  Toss the potatoes in the pan a few times while baking.

Meanwhile, heat olive oil (1 to 2 tbsp) in skillet (medium heat, don't smoke the oil) add salmon, cook 3-4 minutes on each side.

In final minutes of cooking the salmon, bring approx. 1 inch water in a medium covered sauce pan to a boil - add a bag of frozen green beans - cover tightly to steam/cook over med heat for approximately 5 minutes.  Drain, then toss with olive oil (maybe 1 Tbsp) and salt and pepper to taste.

mmmmm.  and SO pretty on the plate!


  1. Allright, today was the first day back at school for kids! I had a great productive day working and I have to say it was a great feeling knowing I didnt have to stop at a store and pick up ingredients for dinner or even think about what I was going to make. We had my good friend Jeff for dinner(he did all my electrical on my new kitchen) and he loved the whole dinner, infact he watched me whip up dinner in less then 20 minutes(the potatoes took a bit longer, but about 1 minute to prep only)and he was impressed with the ease of it all. He is a single dad of 4, and is always looking for ideas! Best news of night, I didnt give my son Michael, the usual "pasta" option if he doesnt like the dinner, and he ate the whole Salmon dinner. Beans were rough for him, but he did it! He is excited about the project, so he is lending a hand by opening up his veggie horizons(corn and tomatos dont really count:) ) I also used my remaining hogie rolls from last night to make garlic bread.

  2. OK, Ellie asked me to try to sell healthy potato chunkies, as she'd like them called, to McDonalds because they were so good. Jacob, who likes approximately 1 in every 30 things I make said the potatoes we good, and that I could make them again. Now doesn't that just seem right ... we're in a YEAR of minimal repeats - and on day 4 of 365 he finds something he likes.

    I didn't give the kids salmon - what's the point - they ate left over chicken from the paninis last night...but Joe and I both enjoyed it a great deal. And shock of all shocks ... we didn't eat all the beans... yum, lunch!