Friday, January 8, 2010

Grocery list January 10-16, 2010

I've laid out this shopping list in the same order as the Aldi store that I shop at.  Hope it helps!  Remember, if you want to print it easily, e-mail it to yourself and print it from your e-mail.  Otherwise you can highlight, cut and paste it to a word type document and print it there.

Spices (1st aisle at Aldi) 
Cumin (optional, but one of my favorite spices)
Chili Powder
Minced Garlic in a jar (or fresh)
Beef bouillon cubes
Chicken bouillon or veggie bouillon or chicken broth

Salad Dressings
Black olives

Vegetables, pastas, and ethnic foods
15 oz. can black beans
1 can tomato sauce
Tomato basil pasta sauce
Thin spaghetti or penne pasta
Tortillas or wraps

Fresh Produce
Garlic bulb (or minced in a jar)
Cilantro - not usually available at my Aldi -
Roma tomatoes (at least 6)
Green onions (optional – can substitute whole onion)
2 lrg. Onions
Sweet Potatoes
Large carrots (not baby)
Fresh or frozen broccoli
1 orange (optional if you aren’t going to eat the oranges)

Ready-made garlic bread
Pizza crust of your choosing (perhaps not from Aldi)

Dairy/Refrigerated Meats
Mozzarella cheese
Canadian bacon or crumble sausage

Buteher/Meat shop
Approx. 1 pound (or as much more as you want) Stew meat - cubed
Ham steak (or bacon)

Frozen Goods
1-3 pound bag Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
Individually quick frozen tilapia fillets
Frozen peas
Frozen asparagus

White wine – store brand or cheapest
I've typed in GREEN the things we think you should have left over from last week...make sure you're using what you had in the freezer before you found our blog as well!!!  Don't let that expensive cheese you bought elsewhere go to a waste because you're following our blog shopping list!  Aldi saves, but not if you're throwing good food away because you forgot about it.

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  1. It's not that we don't like Aldi's pizza crust, it's that we don't like the lack of pizza crust at Aldi. If your Aldi or other discount grocery store has one... consider it one stop shopping and snag it. Maybe get two as this team of fit fast and frugal foodies likes pizza! So do our families!