Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh My Gosh(OMG)what a week of savings!!

I sat down this am to total up the meals for the last week, and I was so excited to see that I only spent(used up) $66.52 for groceries for dinner! I came in my first week under $ 70.00. However, when I sat down to total up the cost per person, per meal, I realized our first week consisted of 9 days, not 7, because we wanted to start this project off on Sundays, so as to get the menu out and grocery list out by Saturday. So our $66.52 was actually for 9 meals, which translates into an average of $ 7.39 per meal and an average of $1.84 per person! wow, that is really inexpenssive. What was more rewarding was in general most everyone liked the meals-hey, I am dealing with many different pallets(as most are) so everyone cant always be 100% pleased, but I think this "project" has even inspired my littlest of taste budders, to be experimental. Not having to run to the grocery store even once this week, was amazing. It is usually dinner that sends me to the store in a frenzy at 5 pm, most days. Breakfast, lunch food and snacks, I pretty much have down to a science, and If Im out of ham for packed school lunches, I make pb&j, if Im out of life cereal, then its corn flakes, so those meals dont put me in a panic, dinner does. OK, first week down, with great results. Im off to the grocery store to get my groceries for dinner for the week. My store of choice is Aldi, if there is one near by, it is a great option. best prices in town. and a ridiculously easy, no frills store to shop!! Ill be back to give details of grocery list.

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