Friday, January 8, 2010

mmm - chicken tenders & sweet potato fries $5.25

YES!  Nailed it on the sweet potato fries.  Absolutely have to have the "no touch" rule when cooking these fries in the oven... AND the regular pan, not the airbake pan.  I made my fries on two pans tonight, one on the airbake and one on the conventional dark pan (dark with age and love!)... the airbake ones were soft, but not browned, and certainly not crunchy.  The dark pan fries were browned, a touch crunchy, and the insides were nice and soft! 

And the chicken - while my Jenna wanted me to have less "crunch", the rest of the family ate them without problem.  And so easy to cook - about 8 minutes per side.

And finally, how strange is it to have two veggies ... I could barter - if you don't want the sweet potato fries you can eat three hunks of cauliflower.  Ellie went for the cauliflower while Jacob doubled down on the fries.  Jenna, she's just a cauliflower type of girl.  She ate three huge hunks of cauliflower, a fry, a bite of chicken, then dumped her milk all over the rest of dinner.  Is that a success with the kiddos?  I've had easier kid eating nights ... but I'll take it!

What I do know is that the whole meal was alot healthier than McDonalds or other fast food places, and the cost was around $5.25 for the five of us  (1/3 of chicken @ $5.99 = $2.00), oils and seasonings ($.60), sweet potatoes (we used three, estimated at $1.50), and the cauliflower (approx. 1/2 of $2.29 head = $1.15).

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  1. Loved the sweet potato fries!!!!!!! It is the first time I made them, and everyone except my boy Michael and neice Amanda loved them, including grandma, uncle Robert, and neighbor Pat(who so kindly helped me shovel twice today, so he got an invite to dinner. I could make those everyweek, and with the beta carotene they are loaded with, I could serve them everyweek. Chicken went over great, but it always does. I actually squeezed lemon on them. BTW, chicken can always be baked as well, and so less fat, wont taste as good, tho.