Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu January 4-9 (repost)

January 4-9, 2010 menu

Just to ease the searching, here's a re-post of this week's menu!

January 4 - Salmon, roasted potatoes, green beans  ($6.35 for four people)

January 5 - Parm. encrusted Pork Chops, Broccoli, rice ($8.18 for four people)

January 6 - Oriental Stir Fry w/ Shrimp ($6.48 for four people)

January 7 - Ravioli al Forno ($4.05 for four people)

January 8 - Home breaded Chicken Tenders - fast food substitute ($4.50 for four people)

January 9 - Veggie Rollups ($5.47 ... less if you pay yourself for cleaning up the leftover veggies that would otherwise have gone to waste!).

Remember friends, Barbara and I shopped at Aldi for 9 days worth of "dinners" for $65 each.  YOU CAN TOO... just check out the shopping list I posted a few days ago.

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  1. What is so great about this menu, is the 6 meals mentioned above totaled $45.51, an average of $ 7.58 a meal. I fed atleast 4 people a night, so that is an average of $1.89 a person. More importantly, to me then the realization that my family can eat incredibly reasonably at home, is the fact that we can all eat incredibly healthy! Not to menion the food taste great.
    The Chicken Panini is a sandwhich my mother had the othernight at a rest. Thats how I got the idea for the recipe, but for the $12.95 we paid for it, we could have made 8 sandwhiches. Wow!! On a below zero Chicago Sunday night, isnt it nicer to stay in and dine?