Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday = Pizza and Football

Well, this might be the last week of this pizza/football until September as my Packers lost a HEARTBREAKER in OT to the Cards.  I told my Uncle today there was nothing I'd like to see more than Brett Farve, Tom Brady & Tony Romo all sitting in the stands watching the Superbowl together!  Well, now it's up to someone other than my man Aaron Rodgers to make that happen (and after next weeks Dallas/Vikings game it'll be two of three in the stands!).  Are you kidding me ... 96 points in the game - nearly 900 yards in total offense.  One certainly has to wonder if there were any defensive players in the game ... well, until the final play when one lucky defense play ends our run.  Hopefully the first of many playoff runs for Aaron and the young Packers!

Oh, but about the wonderful husband made fresh bread dough from scratch (recipe for another time!) and we used that for our crust.  I used the artichoke pesto, sausage (about 4 ounces for us), roasted red peppers, yellow pepper, mushrooms, spinach and mozzarella for the endult (as my 3 yr. old used to say) pizza and sausage (about 4 ounces), pepperoni (like six slices), yellow pepper and mozz for the kiddos!  mmm...

well, football is now gone from this equation, but Sunday night pizza is just a good thing in our house.  USUALLY we let the kids "decorate" their own pizzas, but tonight time didn't permit it.  It's just such a wonderful way to start the week... while the kids are excited and jumpy, we're not telling them to eat something they don't want, just to sit down and share their stories after the food is gone.

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