Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Night Pizza $5.89

I am a first generation Italian American and was raised "Italian" as much as a person could be, living in America. My parents held on to as many of their Italian traditions as possible. Food, ofcourse is a big tradition, but more importantly mealtime and breaking bread with family is an even bigger tradition. Pasta Lunch has always been our bigger meal on Sunday. My dad worked 6 days a week, and usually took off Sunday, and our family lunch, which often included other extended family members on Sunday, was vey important to him. He came to America when he was 27, and held on to many Italian traditions until he passed away last April, one of them was our Sunday lunch. We have always eaten our big meal of the day, and always pasta, at the lunch on Sunday. Since he passed, we have continued the tradition, in his honor, so consequently, we eat lite Sunday night. I usually make a salad and order pizza for the kids. Well, carryout pizza is never cheap and not always good, so for this year, and maybe for ever, we are making our own pizzas!!

Recipe (easy peasy)
Any kind of crust- frozen, foccacia, enlish muffins, box mix
I use the Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix(it makes the best crust) $2.29
Pasta sauce or tom basil .75
Mozzarella $1.75
Mushroom .50
Black olives .60
Total aprox $5.89

I spead the dough out in two seperate cookie sheets 12 inch, and bake crust.
remove from oven, let cool. Spread generously with sauce.
I am topping one with mushrooms and black olives and cheese and the other with just cheese.

These pizzas are very flexible, I have made them with spinach, , artichokes, tomatos, basil, bacon, pepporoni etc....anything that appeals can be incorporated into this pizza. Be creative! If doing individual foccacia, put out a bunch of toppings and let kids make their own. Have fun, and enjoy the end of the weekend!

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