Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday clean up the fridge faitas $2.95

So Kim and I have come to the conclusion that Saturdays are going to be our casual meal day, and that doesnt necessarily mean it has to be the same for everyone. Our ultimate goal is to figuire out how to get a nice meal(usually) dinner on the table, and have it be done rather quickly, and very healthy and inexpensively. So far, two weeks in, its going great. I think what is making it so doable is having a menu and a grocerylist. Not having to run the store everyday eliminates so much stress and anxiety. So what works for me is to "clean up" the fridge on Saturdays. That could mean leftovers, it could mean going through produce, meat etc...
Tonight is faita night. I have leftover red peppers, onions, tomatos, chicken, and tortillas. Faitas can include any vegetable, chicken, shrimp, beef, you name it.
My left over Faita recipe
1 onion sliced .30
2 tomatos sliced .40
1/2 cup red pepper.40
2 chicken breasts diced $1.40
4 tortillas.20
2 tblsp olive oil.25
Total $2.95
Heat saute pan with oil, toss in chicken
saute until well cooked, 7 minites approx
remove from heat
add onion, tomato, peppers to oil, cook until onions are soft, add chicken for two more minutes
remove from heat
lay out tortillas and fill and roll with the filling
and wha la, my refrigerator has been cleaned out suffiently. Thats a first!!

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  1. total cost of cleaning out the refridge was $ 2.75. Breakdown-
    tortillas .50
    onion .20
    tomato .40
    chicken .90
    peppers .35
    olive oil .40
    I do want to mention that I had leftover salad tonight and leftover dressing from the southwestern salad that I served as well, not to mention we polished off the leftover beef stew as well. I love, love, love getting rid of leftovers(and by getting "rid of" I dont mean throwing them in the garbage!)