Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grocery shopping done for week

OK, its Sunday at 2:00, and all my shopping is complete for the week. I purchased every item at Aldi except for cilantro and pizza crust mix. I didnt need white potatoes or sweet potatoes or mozzarella, so my receipt came in at a little underr $45.00. Those items included on the list will get the total up to around $52.00. Not bad for 7 healthy delish meals.
Gonna start working on some of the recipes for the week now. I cant stress enough how much I love being so organized for dinner, in fact, I'm getting so many requests to come to my house for dinner, I am going to start having other people over besides my usual suspects-my son ofcourse, my mom, a few neices, sometimes my brother. My mother is in a widows support group and they say the lonliest time for them is mealtime, and my moms comment that she is really lucky being a recent widow, and never dining alone, struck a chord with me. I know lots of people who dine alone, since I am making dinner everynight, and a good healthy one at that, I thought, why don't I start inviting people over for dinner who are alone. So my promise to myself is atleast twice a week, I invite a non family member over who is usually alone for dinner. Food and dinnertime should be enjoyable and what better way to enjoy, than with family and friends.
Off to get the pizza recipe posted.

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