Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend passenger

On Friday morning, bright and early, Barbara and I had our weekly meeting to get the menu together - we put together another yummy and food horizon-stretching menu.  I grabbed some things from Trader Joe's (a champagne/pear salad dressing I like, greek yogurt, Chocolate Cat Cookies, coffee, gluten free/allergen free cookies for Jenna's friend, and some pea pods to be precise!) then swung home with great intentions of putting the menu up, the shopping list, packing for my whirl-wind trip to my parents house, when all of a sudden ... I became a passenger in my life instead of the leader.  Just like that I lost all control and "the calendar" took over.  From mid-day Friday until pretty much 8:15 this morning I became a shuttle bus getting my three kids to the things the calendar dictated.  Nuts!
We... went to dance class, hockey practice, hockey parent meeting, drove 3 hours to my parents - arriving at 11:15 pm, slept, delivered something to my cousin's amazing coffee shop in Baraboo, went to my nephew's birthday party, drove home - arriving at 10:45 pm, slept, got up for my workout, HOCKEY GAME - JACOB SCORED TWO GOALS, birthday party - I went to the wrong bowling alley - right bowling alley, home, deal with the two window-peaking tweens I caught in my front window by alerting all my neighbors, bathe, dinner, PACKER VICTORY over the Favre lead- Vikings, bed, and then the morning ritual of the weekday... OMG I lost control and became a passenger.  NOW i have a million things to do - everything that should have been done all weekend when I rode along in life.  Plus, I haven't worked out yet, which is probably throwing my world off the most.
Anyway, sorry I let life get in the way of my blogging - back to reality today!

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