Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anything goes Baked Potato

Today was the easiest dinner thus far, and it really needed to be! Today was just non stop from 7am, between Basketball practice, basketball game, B-Day party drop of and pick up, cleaning house, going to bank, post office. and an hour and a half of sledding, dinner time arrived and it was all I could do, but say- "Im baking potatos, pick out your toppings. I do have to say, we had my 3 nieces over, and my nieces could eat potatos everyday and twice on Sunday, but my sons life would remain unfazed if he never saw a potato again. He doesnt necessarily dislike them, but could easily live without them. He chose an interesting combo of tunafish and potato. He diced up tomato and onion, and mixed it in with the tuna and mayo, and topped the potato. He ate all the tuna, and managed to eat some of the potato.

One niece chose bacon and tomato, kindof like a BLT, without the lettuce. Another just wanted a little salt and pepper(thats how much she just likes potatos) My favorite potato was my niece Sams, she chose white beans, tomato, spinach and mozzarella, which we melted in the micro.

Anything really goes with potato. I would be careful not to include another starch, like rice or something, veggies would be great as well, chicken, or different types of cheese.
For a healthy nutritional dessert, I whiped up in no time flat- Strawberrie Banana smoothies.
1/2 lb frozen strawberries
2 medium bananas
2 1/2 c milk
mix all in blender
no ice required b/c the frozen strawberries provide the "slush", and no sugar because the fruit is sweet enough.

The Heron's followed finished up the lunch meat we bought for the potatoes as well as the swiss cheese, bacon and a little broccoli as well! (I highly recommend microwaving your "finished product" for 20-30 seconds to melt the cheese and meld it all together ... but the particular child for whom this potato was intended DOES NOT like melted cheese anywhere but on his pizza.  I barely had the picture taken before he whipped off the cheese and ate it "on the side".  I guess, to each their own, so long as they eat it, right?  AND THAT IS ONE OF THE BEAUTIES OF TONIGHTS MEAL!)

Once we finished off those items, I was left with a plain potato for myself... I went for the taco meat (extra kid food one night :-) ), salsa, cheese, & sour cream - I also broke Barbara's suggestion of no more starch, throwing in some black beans ... mostly because "they were there!".  Super delicious, and pretty nutritional as well! 

Happy Clean out the Refrigerator - EASY Saturday meal!!!

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