Monday, June 21, 2010

Spaghetti White Clam Sauce $3.71

Another quick and easy "go to" meal for my family has always been well receieved. Those little canned clams pack tons and tons of nutrition. They are a reliable source of protein and zinc. Clams also supply more then half the DV for iron and minerals you may lack if you avoid red meat. This is a 5 ingredient meal.
1 can clams $1.99
1 tablespoon olive oil .15
1 lb pasta $1.50
2 tsp garlic powder .05
1 tsp salt .02

boil noodles according to instruction
heat oil in skillet
add clams, salt and garlic powder
saute for 10 minutes on medium
when noodles are cooked, drain and toss in skillet, mix all together for 5 minutes
dried parsley optional

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