Friday, June 25, 2010

Egg Salad Sandwhich $2.25

Why is it I never make this salad/sanwhich? It is easy, and as we know -healthy b/c eggs are super uber healthy, and it is really good! It seems the only time I make egg salad is after Easter, when I have a couple dozzen boiled eggs that I dont know what to do with. Micheael looked at me kinda strangely when I plopped down this fluffy, yellow and white sandwhich infront of him, but nontheless, dug in and ate it, he even uttered an "mmmm, this is good" I could think of many ways too be funky with this sandwhich, or creative, but I figure for the first time on the blog, we would go just basic, and then slowly incororate other ingredients to jazz up an otherwise basic, straightshooter sandwhich.
You will need
6 eggs .60
1/4 cup mayo(lowfat) .30
8 slices of bread $1.20
pinch of salt and pepper.05

total: $2.25

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