Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peach Smoothie and Grilled Cheese Sandwhich $6.79

I have a serious "cheap" problem, and I cant help analysing at all times how much cheaper it would be for me to make something to eat then order it in a resturaunt. There is a certain coffee chain that I will not name, but they make a mean fruit smoothie. I did not buy one, I tried sample, and I will admit it was really good. However, at over $3.00 for a small glass, I could not be swayed. Instead, I was inspired to make my own. Im not certain, but I dont think this particular coffee chain uses fresh fruit, my guess is they use canned or frozen, so I did kinda a combo of each. I wanted my smoothie to have a slushy feel to it, without adding ice, so I put the peaches from the can in a ziplock and froze them over night. The result was a smooth, yet cold and refreshing summer treat!!
2 cup frozen peaches $1.99
2 cup lowfat milk .40
1 tsp honey .2o

throw all ingredients in blender and blend until mixture is smooth
substitute half milk with orange juice optional
Grilled Cheese
8 slices whole wheat bread .80
8 slices swiss or cheddar cheese $3.00
2 tablespoon olive oil.40
heat skillet on medium, pour in 1/2 olive oil
assemble sandwhiches evenly placing the cheese in middle of bread
talke two sandwhiches and place in skillet
cook on medium making sure to flip sanwhich every 5 minutes

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