Friday, June 18, 2010

Black Olive Diced Tomato Fritata $ 4.48

Yippee!! another egg dish! Seriously, I could probably do 365 days of egg dishes- no joke. There are just so many ways to prepare eggs: scrambled, fried, boiled, poached, sunny side up, over easy, in an omelette, quiche, strata, list goes on and on and on. The nutrition in eggs is incredible(all you old timers- do you remember "the incredible edible egg" compaign?) Eggs contain a high quality protein, iron, and zinc. For 70 calories per egg, eggs play a big role in weight management, muscle strength, and healthy pregnancies. Egg also cantain Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Vitamin A aids in vision and general cell growth, which aids in healthy skin, and Vitamin E, which is an antioxident that works well with vitamin C and selenium to prevent damage to the body from free radicals. For less then a .25 a day, so many nutrients can be consumed by cracking open the little white gem!
As I said, there are so many ways to consume and prepare eggs, I happen to love Fritatas because they are so easy. they are essentially like an omelette, except they are open faced and not folded over in the cooking process. So basically, I just throw everything I want in my fritata in a bowl, mix well and cook it up in a pan.
Today Im going for my favorite pizza topping- black olives, tomato, and mozarella fritata

you will need 4 eggs .44
1/2 lowfat milk .15
1 can diced tomato, drained $1.69
1 cup black olives $1.15
1/2 cup mozarella .65
salt and pepper
2 tsp oil(canola or olive oil).40

mix all ingredient in bowl(except for oil)
heat oil in skillet on medium
add mixture, with spatula move around tomatos and olives so they are even through out the fritata
slightly move the fry pan so the egg cooks evenly too.
as the egg gets cooked, the liquid will become less and less
for last 2 minutes, put lid on the fritata to ensure egg is cooked thoroughly.

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