Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ham and Cheese Panini(oh and bacon too) $2.20

Bacon is sizzling HOT! No pun intended:). Looking for a way to dress up an average sandwhich? Frist thing, invest in a panini maker. They are cheap and can be found almost anywhere- Target, Walmart, I got mine at Walgreens many, many years ago, and it has made 100's of great sandwiches. Next addition a sandwhich is bacon. Bacon has become a very popular food ingredient. It is used in sweet and savory dishes, dipped in chocolate, added to icecream, so including it in a sandwich isnt such a stetch, however when I made this sandwhich for my son and his friend, you would have thought I reinvented the wheel.
8 oz sliced Ham .60
4 slices Mozarella Cheese .80
4 slices Bacon .40
8 slices of Bread .40
Fire up the Panini Maker
Layer on bread the ham, cheese and bacon, close with the other peice of bread
place in heated Pani
ni Maker and close, heat for a few minutes until cheese is melted

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