Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spaghetti With Baby Shrimp and Peas $7.21

Ok, I broke the Kim cardinal rule I am sure, we had pasta two days in a row. The reasons are many. The recipe was quick and easy and we needed that b/c I was in a hurry lastnight, I really was anxious to try "baby shrimp" in a can, and most importantly, MIchael wanted pasta. I dont think the carb rule or carb overload can apply to an active boy of 11, who never sits still and his doing camp and golfing whenever possible and playing travel baseball, I think he needs the carbohydrates for energy. Long and short of it, the pasta was really good, and I loved the baby shrimp. I will say though, I put them in skillet too early and definitely cooked them too long, but still the dish was very tasty.
1 lb pasta $1.50
1 can baby shrimp $3.50 *
1 can peas $1.69
1 tablespoon olive oil .30
1 tsp garlic powder .05
2 tsp salt .05
1 tsp black pepper .02
1 tablespoon dried parsley .10
2 tsp red pepper flakes(optional).10

boil noodles according to instruction
heat skillet with oil on medium
add peas, garlic powder, salt and pepper, saute for 5 minutes
when pasta is cooked and drained, add to skillet and toss in shrimp, cook 5 minutes
sprinkle with parsley
top with red pepper if desired
This reicpe yields 6 servings
*shrimp is on sale quite often at my convenience store. Ive seen it as low as $1.50 a can

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