Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whooha!! Kim you are Amazing!!!

today, I met with my partner in crime AKA, my dinner planning partner, fellow blogger, Kim, and mentioned I would love if this blog could not only catagorize our recipes by date, but also by theme, ie chicken, fish, soup, etc... Kim, who is absolutely the techy of the two of us, said she would work on figuiring out how to do it, but it could take a while. Considering she has three young active children, a husband, and many, many activities including making dinner everynight. I figuired it would take her a few days, if not weeks, if it was difficult. Well, imagine my pleasure, when I came to the blog tonight to discover that Kim had "figuired" it out. Sure enough, if I click on chicken, or pasta out comes all the recipes we have created this month, complete with cost and pictures, and eventually nutritional.
Kim, you rock!! You always get the job done. I am allready excited to look baok at what we have made this month alone, imagine in 6 months.
Thanks Kim, you are the best.

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  1. Love the new labels! Now I can look up recipes quickly and easily. You guys are awesome!!!