Monday, January 25, 2010

Grocery Shopping Finally Done For The Week!!

Moving into our 4th week of shopping and cooking everynight, I have to admit I have been a bit spoiled with the ease of it all, and quite pleased with the savings. Well, this week proved to be a bit more driving around then the past weeks, and definitely a bit more costly. When I realized that my grocery cart at Aldi was quickly approaching the $70.00 budget, I decided I would utilize the info that Kim gave me, and head to Jewel to get the Beef which was on sale for $2.99 a lb, and included a bag of onions, potatoes and carrots(assuming to encourage stew making), while there I picked up the chipotle pepper, gingeroot, walnuits and pita pockets.
While Aldi truly does have 90% of what I always need, admitedly by them, there may always be something they dont carry or are out of. One of the reasons thier prices are so low, is thier stores arent large like a grocery store and can only accomodate so much product. The no frills store, allows them to pass on 20-50% savings on all items. Anyway, the reason I like this "project" is because I am not having to go to multiple stores to get the shopping done, and more importantly not on multiple days as well, I have gone to one store, and life has been so much easier.
So this week, had a snafu due to budget and a few ingredients that were missing at Aldi. All in all, it took another 30 minutes out of my day, and my fridge and cuppords are stocked with cooking fixings for a whole week.

Heres the breakdown:
Aldi $ 49.65
Jewel $ 14.67
I am certain the weekly budget after meals are made will come in well under the $ 64.32 spent, simply b/c of all the excess of ingredients not being used. Not to worry, we will use them in the next couple weeks. No more waste!!

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