Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Quesadillas $4.49

OK, its "lazy" cook day Saturday!! I love this day, because I clean my fridge, and its kinda a free forall with food, but everyone gets a bit of freedom to decide what they want to eat. I am taking out my panini maker and tortilla, cheese, chicken, tomatos, mushrooms, spinach, and the kids can go to town. My guess is they will all go for cheese and chicken, but i will include spinach, mushrooms and tomatos in mine.
approx cost
Tortillas $ 1.29
cheese .75
chicken $ 1.25
tomatos .50
mushrooms .40
spinach .30
Total: $4.49

Here's Kim's Quesadilla pic...the other tortilla went on right after the picture

A bit different here...we finished off a little more of the Chipotle beef, which was fabulous in this quesadilla, along with some sauted peppers and onions topped with cheddar cheese ... so, if you poured all the cost into the beef, then the only cost here is the tortilla and cheese, peppers and onions.  Tortillas were $.89 in Joe's super shop, cheese we'll go with $.75 too, and peppers/onions - maybe a dollar - so $2.65 ... add a buck if you didn't expense all the meat when you first cooked it on Tuesday --- still, super super super reasonable, and you really can't buy this kind of quesidilla anywhere for that cash ... and there will still be stuff sitting in your frig when you get home from the restaurant. 

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