Monday, January 25, 2010

Grand total for week of January 17-23 $38.34

Another great week! I dont know if every week is going to come in under $ 40.00, but i can say I cant go to lunch with 3 friends and have the bill be less then $40 in one sitting. Until this "project" I would never have realized if done right, and organized how much money I could save.
the breakdown of the meals went like this:
taco bar $ 6.10
salmon $ 8.45
ham and cheese fritata $ 1.75
panzanella salad $ 4.00
lemon chicken $ 7.26
panini $ 5.80
pasta primavera $ 4.98
Its funny, when Kim and I started discussing this challenge, we were not looking for $ 5.00 meals, because we wanted to make more of a variety of foods for our family and use more exciting unique ingredients, but even in doing so we seem to be averaging between $ 5.00 and $ 6.00 meals. Its all about shopping organized, and smart and going to the bargain stores or looking for bargains. I am excited to have our first month completed and heading into our second.

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