Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 31 - February 6 $36.41

Week 5!  And we're not on a rotation, we're on a roll!  We're so in love with this project, we're trying so many different foods! 

Sunday – Chopped Salad (and if your family says ... Frozen Pizza) $7.33

Monday – Spaghetti Carbonara $ 3.04
Tuesday – Whitefish Merluzzo, green beans, & sweet potatoes $9.36
Wednesday – Pasta Bolognese – salad $5,68
Thursday – Shrimp (or chicken) stir fry $5.09
Friday – Chicken Kabobs, mashed potatoes $5.00
Saturday – omelet cleanup day! .91
Total: $36.41

This week we bring you some special Italian recipes in honor and tribute to a wonderful Dad that taught us the importance of family gathering together around the table and sharing family moments.  Barbara's family certainly epitomizes this togetherness virtue and celebrates his birthday for the first year with  him celebrating from above instead of the head of the table.  We all miss you Roberto!

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  1. Thanks Kim for your beautiful words. I couldnt have said it better myself(literally-I couldnt barely read your post through my tears) Some very wise person once said to me- "you cant have amazing people in your life, and not hurt tremendously when you lose them."