Tuesday, January 26, 2010

$.49 lettuce salad in a bag - 12 ounces no less!

ALDI ... it's the staple store - 90% of what you need, and you can't build your life around going there often in search of these "sales", but I had to go get the fish and peppers like I discussed last time.  I did it after another trip out this morning ... on the same side of "town" for me... I grabbed the Mahi-Mahi steaks (four - four oz. steaks for $4.99), and the multi-colored peppers $2.89.  Jenna wanted Bacon, and we needed milk and a few other "treats" like whipped cream and whipped cream cheese and bananas and chicken nuggets.  Anyway, while by the bacon I noticed that lettuce was $.49 per package for a 12 ounce package.  Per the bag that's enough salad for 5 people.  In my world, where I love a TON of lettuce in my salads, it'll be enough for Joe and me and the kids for dinner tonight.  I do already have lettuce in the frig, from a prior week, but as it is romaine hearts, still in the unopened package, they will keep.  Besides, I'm home for lunch each day, and in need of a few mid-day salads (I need friends to join me for mid-day salads ... ahhm). 

Anyway, I rounded out my "shopping for the week"... Joe spent $6.45, and now I spent $7.88.  So, I missed the $13 mark, and hit $14.33.  Against my goal of spending $95 or less, I think we're at $37.85.  Nice!

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