Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Italian Dressing chicken

utilitarian food - the ultimate in easy food for when you gotta get the chickent to the table fast!

lowfat Italian Dressing
Chicken tenderloins

marinade tenderloins in dressing for as many minutes as you can - five is OK, 30 is great!
grill to perfection - about 4 minutes per sided

And, one of my new favorite veggie combos -
sliced mushrooms
lemon juice
black pepper

Put the sliced mushrooms in a non-stick frying pan, saute until they start to release their juices, then throw in as much spinach as will fit in the pan - allow it to wilt, and if appropriate, add more spinach!  Drizzle a bit of olive oil on top, then add some garlic, lemon juice (maybe 1 tbsp), and pepper to taste - also great with lemon pepper seasoning salt.

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  1. Made the spinach and mushroom combo for dinner tonight-- delicious! It was especially tasty with steaks from the grill. And so easy too! Kim and Barbara, you guys rock!