Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pizza Panini $2.47

We have not done the Panini to death!!!  There are likely more paninis to come!  We could do a month of Paninis and not repeat.  Tonight's was a perfect way to celebrate 12 years of wonderful married life with my husband - an easy to prepare method of one of his most favorite foods!  The Pizza Panini - like a perfect match!

So, like most Paninis, this one is pretty self explanatory:

Pizza Panini
8 slices bread (we used Whole Grain White Bread).25
1/2 cup pizza sauce .30
4 ounces sausage (a few left over breakfast links or patties!).25
4 ounces cheese .77
1/2 cup red pepper .65
20 slices of mushroom - sliced thiner .25

Saute the red peppers and mushrooms with the sausage for about five minutes - basically rewarming/softening all.
Spread the sauce equally (sparingly) onto the eight slices of bread
Distribute the cheese equally onto the eight slices of bread as well.
Aportion the sausage/veggie mixture onto four of the eight slices of bread.
Place bottom (the one with meat) piece of bread onto panini press, carefully flip top onto bottom - so the cheese is on top of the meat/veg toppings, then close press.
Wait for the light to go out (90 seconds?), open remove panini, repeat until all paninis are done, and serve!

ENJOY, we did!

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