Saturday, May 8, 2010

BLT Wraps $2.20

Perfect day for a quick and easy lunch! Im actually heading out the door now take my son to baseball practice and after a two hour practice for one team, he has a half hour break and then a game for another team. Normally, I would have gone and grabbed a Subway Lunch for him, complete with chips, cookie an a drink, and probably spent upward of $7.00, but instead I made him two wraps which cost a grand total of $1.10. His water was water from the tap, and two homemade brownies(I bought Paula Deans mix at Walgreens) and they were as good as from scratch. Michael was happy, we saved money, and the lunch, using turkey bacon was nutritious and lean. I personally am not a bacon eater, but I love, love, love lettuce, tomato, mayo sandwhiches, and I cant remember which niece of mine does as well, it may be Jackie, but it is just soooo dang good! I especially love them with lettuce and tomato fromt the garden. Hmmmmm, difficult to think of anything from the garden when it is 50 and freezing out with freezing rain in May. Only in the Chicagoland can it be 76 degrees one day, and 50 two days later. This sandwhich is definitely a comfort food lunch.

4 strips of bacon .40
2 tortillas .20
handful lettuce .10
1 medium tomato slices .30
1 tblspoon mayo .10

cook bacon
slice tomato
shred iceberg lettuce
spread mayo on tortilla
layer with bacon, lettuce and tomato, roll and eat!!

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