Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Salmon Patty $1.64

I have absolutely no expectations going into this. I have never eaten salmon from a can - tuna, yes, all the time in fact, but salmon, no. Just doesn't seem right to me. So, I ask Joe to buy me a can because, well, Aldi doesn't sell salmon in a can (at least I don't think they do)... same size can a tuna, a bit better nutritionally, OK, I'll make my favorite tuna salad sandwich, but with Salmon. Surely it will taste different, and likely I won't like it, but at least I can cross if off my list of things to do...

WRONG! Here's a few great things about Salmon
1) It smells better than tuna in a can
2) It looks better coming out of a can than tuna - fishier, more wholesome, less catfood-ish (a tendency that you see when you eat inexpensive tuna, not one you see with the name brand tunas).
3) Joe will never know that it's Salmon instead of Tuna unless I tell him.

So, I made a basic tropical tuna sandwich, but with salmon, and served it on a whole wheat, all natural "thin bun" (great concept - for a long time I've been digging the middle out of my bun because I didn't need the calories, etc... now I don't have to as they make these great "thin buns" - and, they are all natural!).

1 can salmon, drained (purchased at dollar store next to my Aldi .99) they are on sale often at Walgreens for .99 often
2 tbsp mayo product (I use Kraft Olive Oil reduced fat).20
2 tbsp pickle relish .25
1 tsp mustard .05
1 tbsp crushed pineapple.15

mix. spread on bread. enjoy.

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