Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baked Potato Bar $5.39

My kids don't eat potatoes if they can help it, unless they are either french fries or... the roasted potatoes that they call Mommy Fries... two weeks ago they nibbled on a great baked potato at the festival luncheon in my home town - and tonight ... Mom, these are great - can we have potato bar more often. Seriously, I looked at Joe and asked who had delivered these alien children.

They devoured potatoes,
sour cream,
ham, and even

they each at a half of a big baker - i mean like a 10 oz baker - so they ate some SERIOUS potato for my expectations. I grilled some chicken for mine, and ate it with a plethora of fresh broccoli and some 2% cheddar cheese that I sliced off the block. This fit well for me with my eating plan of the week - simple, and high protein! The potato had a TON of carbs, but in moderation, I needed them tonight!

I cooked the potatoes in the microwave, and mine has a button and auto sensor, so I can't be sure how long they cook, but I'd say one 8-10 oz baker takes about 7 minutes in the microwave. Start by washing your potato well so you can enjoy the YUMMY and highly nutritious skin. Scrub it well - get your frustrations out. Then poke 3-6 holes in the thing with a fork ... stab it good - more stress reduction! Finally throw it in the micro and get your other stuff ready. Potatoes get softer and moister if you let them sit under an inverted bowl after they finish cooking. It really changes the texture, try it!

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