Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blackbean Brownies

Ok picture this-no school due to Roshashana, and six 11 and 12 year olds playing games on XBox3- at my house. They have completely wiped out my oreos, pretzels and sunchips, and they are still starving, but thats ok, because I have made them mystery brownies, I just havent told them that they are mystery brownies. Infact, they went over so phenomonally well, that I made another batch for my friends passover dinner tonight. OK, ready for the unveiling of the secret- I made them with black beans, infact the only ingredient in the brownie, besides the box mix, is a can of blackbeans with the bean juice as well. Sounds unappealing? I think so too, but shock of all shocks, the taste of beans cant be detected at all!! The brownies were so incredibly moist but not in that raw egg moist way, because obviously thier are no eggs, but in a yummy, gooey, chocolatey way. The brownie is awesome!! Not to mention incredibly healthy with the high in fiber and protein
here is the uncomplicated recipe

Box of brownie mix, doesnt matter which one, I got mine at Walgreens along with the other ingredient
1 can black beans 15.5 ounces

in blender or food processor, mix the brownie mix and the entire content of blackbeans until batter is smooth
pour into a 9X9 greased baking dish and bake according to box instruction.
when done baking let stand atleast an hour because the brownies will be soft due to all the moisture from the beans.
serve and watch the brownie disappearing act

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