Saturday, September 18, 2010

Monte Cristo Sandwich $2.23 for 4 Sanwiches

Its a rainy Saturday afternoon and 4 hungry kids asking "whats for lunch?" Hmmmm, what would be easy, and yet different? I pull out my Rachael Ray "Cooking Rocks" because there are always good ideas in her book, and usually lots of meals with basic ingredients, because I knew I didnt want to run to the store. One of the first pages I turned to was a Monte Cristo Sandwich. I can picture myself sitting in a resturaunt called Bennigans(are they still in existence?) and eating that very same sandwhich and a friend telling me how she read it was the most fattening, unhealthy sandwhich around. I was about 18, and very conscious about my no longer stick straight hips. I took a look at the ham, turkey and cheese sandwhich that had been drenched in egg and deep fried and ate it for the very last time. I still remember how delicious it was though-crispy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside with the melted cheese. Rachaels recipe calls for skilleting the sandwich in a fry pan, which I suspect is already so much healthier then most resturaunt versions, that drop the sandwhich in a deep fryer. I used cooking spray to fry them and I only used two egg yolks instead of 4, one slice of deli meat per sandwich, and the results were unanimous, they loved them!
Here's the scoop
serving 4 hungries
8 slices wholewheat bread . 40
4 slices swiss cheese .60
4 slices ham .80
4 eggs(only use two yolks).40
1/4 cup milk .03

On a slice of bread layer a slice of
ham and slice of cheese and top it with slice of bread
mix egg and milk
in a bowl dip each side of bread lightly with egg batter
turn skillet on medium, and spray pan with cooking spray
cook two sanchiches at a time, cooking 3_4 minutes on each side or until sandwhiches are golden brown.
repeat process with other two sandwhiches
slice in half and serve

Rachaels recipe calls for half slice turkey and half slice ham as well, but I only had ham, but both would be great!

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