Friday, September 17, 2010

Mango Cevice $6.93

We loved the Civece so much a few weeks ago, I thought I would try it with a different sweeter twist by adding Mango. I managed to pick out perfect Mango from Aldi today, paid not even a dollar, and even had half left over to eat alone. Yum, I dont eat mango often, but everytime I do, I remember how much I like the tropical fruit. The fresh tart fruit was a perfect accompanyment to the lime and cilantro which flavored the shrimp. On the advice of a friend, I did make the cevice in the morning, and let it sit it the fridge all day to really merry the flavors. The results was delicioso!!

1 lb cooked shrimp(tail removed) $4.99
1 avocado diced .79
1/2 mango diced .35
1/4 medium red onion diced.20
juice of 2 limes (medium) .40
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro.20

dice the shrimp in small peices and combine all ingreients in a bowl. coat everything evenly in the lime juice and refridgerate for atleast an hour

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