Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Black Bean Soup $2.26

Well, anyone that knows me, knows I really DISLIKE to see summer end. I have always been a "summer gal", not much appeals to me about the winter-I dont like being cold, I dont like driving in snow, I dont like kids cooped up in the house for 6 months, I dont like kids trecking snow and slush into the house, however, what I do like is nice cozy nights inside the house with my son watching a movie or favorite show, eating something warm and hearty. Soup is what comes to mind and that is really out of character because I am not a big soup person, but a cold night a nice bowl of soup and some crusty bread, that could make me deal with a friged winter nights a little better. So although this september night was 70 degrees, I made Black Bean Soup regardless and although we ate some, I froze the rest because I have been informed black bean soup freezes very well, and so one cold, snowy, winter night we are set for din din.

1 lb Black beans soaked .99 or 2 cans black beans
8 cups water
1 tablkespoon salt .02
1 cup onion chopped .40
1 cup celery .20
2 tbsp olive oil .60
4 cloves garlic .30
1/2 tsp cumin .05

boil beans in water until soft
heat oil in skillet and saute onion, carrot and celery, until onions are golden brown.
Add garlic and cumin and salt
add 1 cup water from beans
drain beans add to saute in a big soup pot
remove half the soup from the pot and blend
pour back into pot and simmer 15 minutes

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