Saturday, May 29, 2010

Menu May 30-June 5

I too have been a bit off kilter - as B says in her post on yogurt parfaits! YUM.

So, with hope that this easy menu will get me back to normal due to its ease and pep... We give you:

Sunday: Grilled Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
Monday: Memorial Day - cold veggie pizza perfect appetizer/picnic fare
Tuesday: Spinach Lasagna
Wednesday: Pizza Stuffed Burger
Thursday: "A" Salad - apples, almonds, And gorgonzola Cheese
Mushrooms and Peas Bruschetta
Friday: Salmon patty with pinapple and mandarin orange salsa
Saturday: a fav of mine, Greek Pinwheels

yeap, pretty sure that will help! Nothing difficult - plenty of feel good stuff - and lasagna to boot.

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  1. memorial day we are having a party to "celebrate" loved ones that have gone before us, and so Ill be making some of my famous appetizers that are good and more importantly easy.(ofcourse healthy) Kim, was that pizza on crust, or like a tortilla rollup? I am picturing creamcheese or something??