Monday, May 24, 2010

Ham and cheese Omelette (Walgreens) $6.20

My son comes home from a sleepover the other morning and tells me his friends mom made the best breakfast ever. Ofcourse Im intrigued and annoyed when he cant really describe it. He said egg of some kind. OK, I needed to find out, because like myself, Michael is not much of a breakfast eater, and although for me personally, I just dont like a big breakfast, Michael is a growing boy and should do better then he does for his breakfast meal. So I question his friends mom and she laughs(probably thinking, what do you feed Michael in the morning that he is making such a big deal about a Ham and Cheese Omelette?) The moment she said it, I thought Walgreens. I just got eggs on sale $1.29 at Walgreens last week and I knew deli meat and cheese were both on sale this week, 2 for $5.00. Sunday morning bright and early I got the frying pan going and hoped my son would like my omelette as much as his friends moms. Did anyone ever notice their kids being much more open to trying other peoples food, then their moms?
Here is my version of a Ham and Cheese Omelette, made from ingredients I am certain can be purchased from any convenience store and obviously any grocery store. As Kim and I have stressed, if time or location is the issue, their shouldnt be any excuses to eat healthy and avoid fast food if possible.
Ham Cheese Omelette(this is ingredients for one large omelette of which my son ate an impressive 3/4 of)

3 eggs .30
1/4 cup of diced cheese of choice(we did swiss).50
1/4 cup of diced deli ham.50
1/4 cup skim milk.10
2 tsp olive oil or butter.15

4 Large omelettes $6.20

in bowl wisk eggs thoroughly with milk
heat large skillet on medium, add oil or butter, when melted pour in egg, moving pan around so that egg is evenly spread in pan as it cooks
as the outside of egg starts to get golden, with spatula lightly start lifting its sides, so it will be easy to fold over when ready
before folding egg add ham and cheese to one side of omelette
loosen the other side with spatula and flip egg over and fold to make a semi circle
lower heat cook another two or 3 minutes so cheese will melt
place on plate and serve

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