Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spaghetti Carbonara with Spinach $2.91

OK, heres the the solution to my biggest challenge in cooking-how to get Michael to eat more vegetbles....usually I have to hide them in something, because he runs when he sees green, but when he saw me serving up this meal he said "oh, I love this". I know Ive never made this combination before, so Michael must be remembering this dish from the time we made Carbonara with peas. That must have been in the first weeks of this blog,(btw, I cant believe we are six months in) and still going strong.....yipee. Anyway, so Michael obviously liked this dish and the idea of bacon and eggs with his pasta. BTW, as rich and cholesterol laden as it sounds, it is not. We use egg whites and not yokes and turkey bacon instead of pork. Here is the way I am going to get my child to eat the dreaded spinach!!


4 eggs(use one whole egg, and the whites of the other 3 ONLY.32

1/2 lb fozen spinach.60

5 strips of lean turkey bacon.50

1 lb of pasta
2 tsp olive oil
parm cheese optional
red pepper flakes optional
salt and pepper

boil pasta according to instruction

cook bacon strips in large pan until crispy(remove from pan, and place between two papertowels and pat down to remove extra oil)

cumble bacon into small pieces

in same pan, pour out excess bacon grease, add olive oil and thawed spinach, add salt and pepper to taste, saute for 5 minutes

beat eggs and egg whites together until smooth

when pasta is cooked, drain and immediately place in pan with spinach, toss in egg, and cook all together for 5-10 minutes, tossing constantly, until egg is cooked.

in the last few minutes toss in bacon

serve with parm cheese and or red pepper flakes

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